About Liria Fredes-Setti

Thank you for visiting my page and taking a minute to read about me. First and foremost, my name is Liria. Truthfully, I don't like talking much about myself. The reality is I would much rather show you what seperates me from the rest.
Here's a little background about me and where my motivation comes from. To begin, I was born in a beautiful country in South America which you may have heard of called Argentina. Argentina is beautiful country however my goal, once upon a time, was to establish myself in Florida. Even though everybody thought that was a stretch, I made my mind up and nobody could convince me otherwise.
I packed my life up with my 2 kids and got on an airplane to accomplish the goal I set for myself. That was 23 years ago.
Since then, I have learned a foreign language, I have created a company, I have worked for myself. I had many experiences throughout this learning of living that turned me into an independent, self-sufficient and persevering person. I left my comfort zone to start again and again from scratch, making myself increasingly resistant to the inclemencies that life presents us, thus getting the best of me to put it into action whenever I need it. My spirit of improvement led me to instruct myself more and more. In 2011 I decided to get my real estate license.
In my experience from traveling the United States of America and overseas, nothing is quite like my home in SW Florida. I have quite literally watched this place grow into the place that you see now.
I know the ins and outs of SW Florida, and if you're in the market to buy or build a home you can count on me to guide you in the right direction. I will help you find your dream home here just like I did 23 years ago.


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